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About Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance ?

Travel insurance, is a facility designed to secure a traveller against any unforeseen events which may occur while travelling. In a country with geo-graphic diversity like Nepal, we need travel insurance even for domestic trips apart from that on international trips. Buying a travel insurance would provide financial security for any loss/damage caused while on trips and will provide the cover against medical expenses, personal accident, loss of baggage and personal belongings, trip cancellation, etc. So, before ticking off next travel destination on your bucket list , keep the travel insurance on priority list, that way you can ensure financial safeguard to yourself and your loved ones.

Key features of travel insurance

While travelling, there is no such thing like being sufficiently careful. Travel insurance is a safety measure for all the travellers and provides peace of mind for any sort of uncertain circumstances and provides ample cover against any unpredicted situations. Before buying travel insurance, you should understand salient features of the plan, which are mentioned below:

1. Complete cover

The travel insurance provides the comprehensive cover, which includes all medical expenses, dental treatment, transportation to the hospital and a daily allowance while the policy holder is hospitalized. It covers both in/outpatient hospitalisation along with support cost for emergency assistance.

2. Loss or delay of baggage

Loss of baggage is one unimaginable situation while travelling and it solely is enough to ruin your trip. You may face loss of clothing, documents, electronics, jewellery or other valuable items if your baggage is lost. Travel insurance will provide coverage for issues related to personal possession or baggage loss or delay during the course of travel.

3. Loss of passport

Passport is as important as your trip is. Passport is a very valuable document and loss of it can bring a lot of stress and create situations that can make you legally binding. Travel insurance provides coverage of passport and other important documents and be your rescue on such emergencies.

4. Accidents and personal liabilities

If the policy holder meets any small/big accident leading to personal disability/ death of the insured during the travel, travel insurance with provide the coverage of such amount as maybe specified as the time of purchase of policy. The amount may vary depending on the geographical locations and life threatening risks at the destination.

5. Available for frequent flyers

If you are frequent traveller, then geting a travel insurance everytime you fly can be comparatively expensive. In such case, you can customize your travel insurance such that, it provide multiple trip policies with a longer validity. 

6. Trip delays and trip cancellations

This policy provides the coverage for expenses related to trip delays and trip cancellations.

7. Customization for differently abled and senior citizens

The needs of traveller may vary according to their ability to adjust the situations. An old age person and people who are differently abled comparatively require more facilities and care during travelling, so travel insurance provides the facilty of choosing the plan as per requirements and adding such facilities as required. The customization can also be made for travellers otherwise then mentioned above, the customization are mainly dependent on  budgets, insurance needs, place and time of travel.

Types of Travel Insurance 

The motto of travel insurance is to provide easy and memorable travelling experience to the policy holders. The plan covers all age group from child to a senior citizen. Some travel insurance facilities widely available across Nepal are:

1. Domestic travel insurance

2. International travel insurance

Why you should buy Travel Insurance Policy ?

Travelling have been a established profession and a lot of people are passionate about visiting new places. Travel insurance are specially designed to provide assurance about uncertain events any person might face while travelling. Major highlights about travel insurance are as provided below:

1. Emergency medical expenses

The travel insurance covers both in/out patients hospitalisation. The medical expenditure in Nepal are comparatively lower as comparision to other countries, so, the expenses toward medical bill while on trip might be high which are covered by your travel insurance company. By purchasing the policy, you can avail the benefit of getting cashless treatment in case the hospital are on the networking of insurance company.

2. Mandatory requirement

Few country have mandated the purchase of travel insurance before applying for VISA. So, if you want to visit such countries you should mandatorily purchase the travel insurance.