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About Endowment Policy

What is Endowment Policy?

Endowment policy is a life insurance policy which pays the sum assured (as agreed while buying policy) on a fixed date on maturity of the policy if policyholder survives the policy period or upon the death of policy holder, if insured dies during the policy period. Endowment policy can be treated as savings that will be received back in lump sum by the insured person on maturity. Endowment policy will have maturity period of ten, fifteen, twenty or more years upto a certain age limit. Endowment policies also pay out in case of critical illness.

Benefit of Endowment Policy

Endowment policy provides the financial security to policy holders as well as their loved ones by serving customers with dual purposes, it works as an insurance policy as well as offers long term investment benefits. Below mentioned are few benefits from endowment policy:

  1. Provides insurance cover: An endowment policy provides insurance cover during the policy term and  provides the lump sum amount on the expiry of policy term if policy holder survives the term. This policy also offers the bonus along with Death benefit or maturity benefit as applicable.
  2. Low risk investment with long term savings: The money paid by customer are splitted into premium plan and investment component. The investment component are invested into high quality equities and other market instruments which provide good returns over a period of time. The return are then distributed to the policy holders in the form of bonuses, classified as 1) Reversionary Bonus 2) Terminal Bonus.
  3.  Additional rider benefits: Insured can opt to buy additional rider benefits with an endowment plan. The additional rider are optional and varies from insurer to insurer.