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About Two Wheeler Insurance

What is Bike Insurance ?

Bike insurance, popularly known as two wheeler insurance, is a agreement between policy holder and insurer with respect to financial coverage offered by the later in case of damage caused to the insured due to accident, natural disaster, theft and so on. There are two types of insurance plan offered for bike insurance, namely, full insurance and third party insurance.

Types of bike insurance

1. Full Insurance

The insurance policy that provides extensive cover to the buyer of policy holder and provides coverage against the damage, loss or theft of the vehicle, third party liability and also personal accident cover.  It is like a 360 degree plan as it provides complete cover for damages agaist your vehicle, third party vehicle and third party person and property.

2. Third Party Insurance

The insurance policy that offers financial protection on any accident caused by the insured vehicle to the third party or their property. The insurance covers the liabilities incurred due to the death or damage of third party or their vehicle and the victim can claim the compensation, however, this will not cover any damages incurred to policy holder by vehicle.

Why you should buy bike insurance?

Based on the different geographical locations and area, road accidents are increasing day by day in our country. Bike insurance is equally important to both personal and commercial vehicle. You should buy bike insurance for the reasons as mentioned below:

  • Unexpected expenses:

Bike accident is an unforeseen event which might cost you very high expenditure. From repairing and maintainance cost to hospital expenses, bike insurance provides coverage to all such liabilities.

  • Third party damages:

Damaging someone's else property  or vehicle because of accident can land you to an awful situation. If you buy a bike insurance, your insurance company will provide compensation to the third party whose property  was damaged on the collision.

What does bike insurance cover ?

The coverage widely differs based on the policy you have chosen and the insurer providing insurance. In general, bike insurance provides you the following cover:

1. Damage due to an accident

2. Loss caused due to natural calamities

3. Loss from fire or self ignition

4. Loss due to theft, riots or similar activities

5. Loss due to terrorist activities

6. Accident cover to the owner/driver of the insured car

7. Coverage of the hospital expenses

8. Compensation for death or permanent disabilities

9. Coverage toward the third party liabilities

Third party insurance mainly covers:

1. Vehicle or property damage caused by your car at a public place

2. Injuries to the third party driver/owner due to an accident.